About myself

Lorena Rivero De Beer Counselling and Psychotherapy in Liverpool

About myself
19th January 2018 
About my integrative practice
About myself

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Who am I and how did I become a therapist?

My name is Lorena Rivero de Beer, I was born in Spain in 1977 and arrived to England in 2003. I did an MA in Philosophy and Contemporary art focused in intercultural art. This was one of the first steps to gaining a greater understanding of my intercultural background and the experience of being a migrant in the UK. That led me to develop a practice as a performance artist to creatively explore and share my experiences and in turn to further studies on intercultural theory; in 2009 I completed a PhD in Intercultural Studies at the University of Essex.

After a few years working as an artist and a lecturer in cultural theory and contemporary performance I finished my training as a Person Centred Psychotherapist. I found in the Person Centred theory an exciting approach that encompassed my beliefs in the core importance of the nature of the therapeutic relationship to promote change and the unique ability of each individual to find the path to become their own self. Since then I have worked as a counsellor and psycotherapist with different groups including young people and adults diagnosed with ADHD, women survivors of violence, university students and the general public.

The nature of my integrative practice

“The mainspring of creativity appears to be the same tendency which we discover so deeply as the curative force in psychotherapy—man’s tendency to develop her/his potential.”
― Carl R. Rogers

From the beginning my creative practice and academic research has been informed by different psychological theories, particularly psychoanalysis. My experience of psychoanalysis at the Institute for Psychoanalysis in London led me to discover many similarities between the therapeutic relationship and the encounters generated through my creative practice . The latter made me consider training as a psychotherapist and integrating different aspects of my work. I decided to train as a Person Centred counsellor and psychotherapist since I consider it gives the utmost importance to the therapeutic relationship making it the most empowering and helpful approach for the client. The Person Centred theoretical approach also provided me with a way to meaningfully integrate my personal experience and knowledge in other disciplines. Coming from a complex intercultural background myself I found that the understanding of broader social and cultural contexts was fundamental to my self-acceptance and understanding.