About my integrative practice

Lorena Rivero De Beer Counselling and Psychotherapy in Liverpool

About my integrative practice
21st July 2024 
About my integrative practice
About myself

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About my integrative practice. Office Hope 2

Psychotherapist in Liverpool

How do I work?

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, an accredited member of BACP (www.bacp.co.uk) and a Lacanian analyst in formation at the Lacanian school Nucep (https://nucep.com/quienes-somos-psicoanalisis). I practice an integrative therapy based on the Person Centre Approach and my ongoing, thorough training in the Lacanian psychoanalytic orientation. This is also informed by my practice as an intercultural artist and my ongoing training as a Zen student. I work both short term and long term and I can work in English or Spanish.

What is Person Centred Therapy?

The Person Centred approach offers a way of being with another based in the belief of the other's potential and ability to make the right choices for him or herself, it believes that no one knows better than oneself what one needs and how to get there, and that every person's experience of the world is unique.

As a Person Centred therapist I will support you to make sense of your own experience giving you a safe, non-judgmental space in which to be deeply listened to. This in turn will often make you feel accepted, more confident in your judgements and less afraid of expressing your thoughts and emotions. From that place you can undergo your personal journey of healing and transformation.

I can also draw upon aspects of my research on intercultural encounters and the psychoanalytic approach if your desires to explore your experience lead us there.

How is my practice shaped by Interculturalism?

I consider every encounter to be an intercultural. If helpful for your process, my knowledge of interculturalism can enrich our encounter by giving us a frame to understand the broader psychological issues that class/gender/ethnical/migration struggles can trigger.

How is my practice informed by the Psychoanalytic approach?

Psychoanalysis considers that there is an unconscious aspect of our experience that is shaped by previous experiences and strives to support the client to explore them and become more aware of the habits and fixed patterns that influence their experience. The Lacanian orientation in particular places great emphasis in accessing and articulating the nature of unconscious desires so one can work alongside them rather than against them. That can allow energy to flow back into one's life, helping find new meanings and using that to find new points of orientation and fully embrace and take personal responsibility of one's life.

About my integrative practice. bacp